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Hi, my name is Lore.

From a young age, I've been captivated by the art of creating intricate, finely detailed pieces by hand. My passion for craftsmanship, coupled with my innate ability to focus on even the tiniest of details, led me on a journey to become a goldsmith.

My journey into the world of goldsmithing started with a deep-seated love for working with my hands. I've always found myself drawn to the beauty of minuscule objects. It's my superpower – an unwavering focus on the smallest of elements that allows me to craft one-of-a-kind jewelry that resonates with your unique style and story.

What sets me apart is my commitment to a personal approach. Every piece of jewelry I create is not just a product; it's a collaborative journey. I cherish the opportunity to meet new people, hear their stories, and use my craft to encapsulate their essence in a tangible form. Crafting custom jewelry is about more than just materials; it's about creating a deeply personal connection between the wearer and their jewelry.

As a classically trained goldsmith, I employ time-honored techniques that ensure the quality and longevity of each piece. I use only the finest materials, believing that beauty and durability should go hand in hand. In addition, my background in industrial product design has given me the tools to utilize modern machines and techniques with meticulous precision.

Perfectionism is my guide, but my passion is to craft jewelry that not only delights the eye but also becomes a cherished part of your life's journey. Each piece I create is a testament to my dedication to excellence and the joy I find in crafting jewelry that brings happiness and connection.

So, whether you're seeking a bespoke piece or simply want to chat, I'm here, always ready for a conversation. Your story is my inspiration, and I can't wait to be a part of your unique journey.

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