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  • What types of jewelry do you create?
    I specialize in crafting custom jewelry. Unlike traditional collections, I work closely with each client to create bespoke pieces that reflect your unique style and vision. Whether it's a special design or concept you have in mind, we'll collaborate to ensure your jewelry is exactly what you desire.
  • How long does it take to create a custom piece?
    The timeline for crafting a custom piece varies depending on the project's complexity. Typically, it takes between one to two months, additional work such as stone setting or engraving may extend the timeframe. It's important to note that every piece is meticulously crafted by hand, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail.
  • Can you create jewelry based on a specific design or inspiration?
    Absolutely, I enjoy the challenge of bringing your unique inspirations to life. Whether you have specific design ideas, pictures, sketches, a story, or simply a feeling you'd like to convey through your jewelry, I'm here to work closely with you and turn your vision into a beautiful reality.
  • How do I know the design will match my vision?
    I place a high priority on ensuring that your design aligns perfectly with your vision. Before commencing any work in metal, I provide a wax model or rendered image of the piece. We won't proceed until you are completely satisfied with the design and confident it matches your vision.
  • Can you work with inherited gemstones or metals for a custom piece?
    Yes, I can certainly incorporate inherited gemstones or metals into your custom piece. The sentimental value of these materials can make your jewelry even more meaningful.
  • Can I get an estimate for a custom piece?
    Absolutely, the initial consultation is free and without obligation. During our meeting, I'm happy to discuss all available options and provide you with a price estimate for your custom piece.
  • Do I need an appointment to visit your studio or store?
    Yes, it's advisable to make an appointment before visiting my studio or store. This way, we can ensure that I'm available to provide you with the personal attention and service you deserve.
  • Can I work with you remotely for custom jewelry projects?
    Of course, we can arrange remote consultations via video call. Please contact me, and we'll find a suitable time for us to connect and discuss your custom jewelry project.
  • How do I determine my own ring size?
    To find your ring size, you can download the Ring Sizing App for free. If you don't have any rings that currently fit, feel free to schedule an appointment with me, and I'll take precise measurements to ensure your custom jewelry piece is a perfect fit.
  • How can I determine my partner's ring size?
    It would be ideal if you could bring one of their existing rings to our initial appointment. If that's not feasible, you can provide a photo of their hand showcasing their fingers, and I can often make an accurate estimate of their ring size. Rest assured that any resizing necessary can be done at no extra cost after the piece is crafted.
  • How do I maintain my jewelry?
    Proper Jewelry Storage: When you're not wearing your jewelry, store it in a clean, dry place, and avoid keeping it in the bathroom. Silver items can be best preserved by placing them in a ziplock bag to prevent tarnishing. Keep Away from Moisture: Moisture can tarnish metals and damage gemstones. Remove your jewelry before swimming, showering, or using beauty products, as substances like lotions and perfumes can affect the luster of gemstones. Regular Cleaning: Routine cleaning helps maintain your jewelry's sparkle. For most metals and gems, a soft cloth is ideal. For more substantial cleaning, use warm, soapy water, and a soft brush (like a toothbrush). Professional Cleaning and Inspection: Periodically, take your jewelry to a professional jeweler for a thorough cleaning and inspection. They can check for loose stones or worn settings, ensuring your jewelry remains in optimal condition. Protect from Scratches: Precious metals like gold and platinum are susceptible to scratches. When storing or wearing your jewelry, try to avoid contact with abrasive surfaces. Regular Wear: Surprisingly, the natural oils from your skin help keep your jewelry looking beautiful. Regular wear can prevent tarnish on metals. Avoid Wearing During Physical Activities: Remove your jewelry when engaging in physical activities or chores. Professional Repair: If you notice any damage or issues with your jewelry, avoid attempting repairs on your own. Seek out a professional jeweler to address the problem. By following these guidelines, you can help ensure that your jewelry remains beautiful. If you have specific questions about caring for a particular piece of jewelry, don't hesitate to reach out.
  • What is the procedure for cleaning and inspecting jewelry?
    Just like a car, jewelry needs regular maintenance and inspection to keep it in excellent condition. I offer a cleaning and inspection service to ensure your piece stays in pristine shape. During this process, I check the security of all stones, give your jewelry a thorough cleaning, and apply a fresh polish, restoring its original luster. Your jewelry will look as good as new after this procedure.
  • Can you repair or resize my existing jewelry?
    Certainly, I offer repair and resizing services. To assess the possibilities, it's best to schedule an appointment. During our meeting, we can thoroughly examine your jewelry and discuss the available options to restore or resize it as needed.
  • How long does it take to repair my jewelry?
    The duration of the repair process depends on the specific piece. Typically, it ranges from one week to a month.
  • I didn't find what I was looking for.
    Please, feel free to contact me. I am happy to answer all your questions!
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